Monday, 16 January 2012

Christmas Wreath - or anytime you feel like something really quick to whip up lol

This is one of my children's favourites.  It is something they all eat and agree on (which is a rarity believe me!).  I always make on at Christmas time hence the name, but I have been known to whip one up at any time of the year and just change the decorations a little.

Here is the one I made this Christmas,,,,sorry for the lack of photos of it cut into serving size lol.

So easy and simple to whip up.


2 packets of Butter Snap biscuits (these are my kid's favourite but I sometimes use Ginger Snaps as they are nice and hard and give it a whole new flavour, yummy)
600ml thickened cream
Vanilla Essence
Castor Sugar
Lollies to decorate

Simply whip the cream until nice and thick.
Whip in a dash of Vanilla and a sprinkling of castor sugar (taste test and add as much sugar/vanilla until the taste is right for you.
Then it is simply a matter of assembling the wreath.
Simply put a dab of cream on a biscuit and then continue to do this, building your biscuits into a wreath shape.
Cover the whole thing in cream and then decorate to your liking with lollies.

Allow to rest in the fridge for a few hours to allow the biscuits to soften and absorb the cream a little .
Slice and serve with a scoop of icecream or just simply on its own.


  1. This sounds like a different recipe I could try...Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Oh yum! We make one like this with Arnott's Chocolate Ripple biscuits. You can feel your arteries clogging up as you eat it, but it is good stuff!


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