Tuesday, 2 August 2011


In our family we eat alot of chicken.  As you will soon see by this blog, chicken is one of our favourite meats, one that doesn't get rejected no matter what form it comes in normally.  This recipe is simple and it is great to use for fingerfood for a party or as we did last night, serve it up with salad and potato bake or the like for a lovely meal that the kids will love.  The kids have all taken a couple to school today in their lunchboxes since they are perfect served cold as well.  Hubby and I both had them for lunch and there is still enough for the kids lunchboxes for tomorrow too.  Not bad from 1200 grams of chicken breast.  As you will see, the recipe calls for 500 grams of chicken breast but due to family size I always double it, plus I wanted to ensure we had left overs this time :-)


500 grams chicken breasts - cut into strips
1/2 Cup Flour - you can add whatever seasoning you like to this
1 Large Egg - beaten
1 Cup dried breadcrumbs

Slice chicken breasts into strips

Place chicken strips into flour, then the egg, and lastly the breadcrumbs.  Coat well, using a knife to press the crumbs onto the chicken.

Place crumbed chicken strips onto a plate and place in fridge for approximately 30 minutes just to "set" the crumbs a little.

Deep fry or shallow fry over a moderately high heat for approximately 3 minutes each side.
Drain on paper towel, then serve with salad or veggies.....don't forget the tomato sauce for the kids lol.


  1. I made these for tea last night, my son loves them too. He likes his with chips and salad, and with some sweet chilli sauce to dip in.

  2. Oh yum....I hadn't thought of the sweet chilli sauce lol. Guess what I will be using next time I make them!!


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